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Nova Counseling
Treating addiction is a complex and demanding process. Nova's excellent program has goals of abstinence coupled with behavioral changes.
Nova Counseling
Nova Counseling Services provides addiction treatment through its residential program, halfway house and aftercare support.
Nova Counseling
If you or your loved one is an addict, there is hope. Through Nova's approach, based on the 12-Steps, and its qualified and experienced counselors, the disease can be managed.
Nova Counseling
At Nova, our nonprofit mission is to ensure affordable, expert care to help addicts on their journey to sobriety and families in their healing.
Nova Counseling
Addiction is a disease that takes over the brain. There isn't a cure. But, there is help through Nova's guidance to live a sober and healthy life.
"If you come to Nova and start to establish a little sobriety, there is hope for a life that you could have never imagined." - Anna

We're here to help.

At Nova Counseling Services, our team of qualified, experienced and compassionate staff have been helping alcohol and drug addicts on their journey to recovery for more than 28 years.

If you are an addict, a family member or a loved one of an addict and need to locate a recovery treatment center, know that Nova Counseling Services provides a residential program, a 90-day halfway house, outpatient services, family education and aftercare to assist addicts and their families in recovery.

Addiction is a disease. It cannot be cured, but it can be treated. Nova Counseling Services can help. We can bring hope back into your life and assist in creating a clean and sober future.

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