What to bring and what to leave at home

What to bring:

  • 7 days worth of clothing: no tank tops, cut-off shirts, short shorts. Laundry facilities and supplies provided
  • Sweatshirt
  • Fitness attire
  • Toiletries: shampoo, conditioner, body soap, razors, deodorant, shower shoes, etc.
  • Phone card-clients may use the pay phone beginning their 7th day
  • Smokers need to bring unopened cigarettes or  money to purchase cigarettes.  No vaping allowed.
  • 30 day supply of medications
  • You may bring your own pillow and towels.  Nova provides 1 pillow and 2 towels.
  • Multivitamin, vitamin B, or melatonin are optional
  • Cash for soda, stamps, pay phone, or cigarettes

What to leave at home:

  • Cell Phone
  • Any electronic devices or gaming systems
  • Books and magazines
  • Food, drink, gum, & candy
  • Laptop or tablet
  • Drug or alcohol related clothing
  • No mood altering or addictive chemicals: narcotic pain medication, benzodiazepines, sleep aids (Tylenol PM, Ambien), over the counter herbal supplements (ginseng, ginkgo biloba, green tea extract), stimulants (No Doz, ephedrine, Adderall, Ritalin), medications containing pseudoephedrine
  • Cologne, aftershave, body spray and perfume
  • Aerosols, air freshers, nail polish remover
  • Hand sanitizer

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