Steps to Recovery

Long Road of Addiction Recovery

At Nova Counseling Services we offer a full continuum of care to help addicts through the long road of addiction recovery.  Addiction is a lifelong disease that must be continually monitored and treated in order to ensure a full recovery is reached and maintained.

Steps to Addiction Recovery

The Nova experience often begins with our residential inpatient treatment, where the addict follows the , living at Nova’s facility during the first month of addiction treatment.

After completing the Nova residential inpatient treatment, clients may be given the option to go to our  Terra House Program, a 90-day halfway house sober living arrangement that continues the addiction recovery process under Nova’s care and supervision. Clients may also be referred to other halfway house facilities.

Aftercare Addiction Treatment

Finally, after completing our Terra program, recovering addicts are encouraged to take advantage of  program for outpatient addiction treatment options, including ongoing support from community organizations like   and other support groups.

By offering a full spectrum of care throughout the entire addiction recovery process, we have witnessed an above-average rate of clients remaining sober after completing their addiction treatment at Nova.

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