Family Support & Education

Addiction Affects the Whole Family

When appropriate, family involvement in treatment is essential to recovery. When an addict starts to get healthy, it becomes easier to maintain recovery if an entire family supports the lifelong process.

Nova Counseling Services offers a Saturday morning family program to raise awareness with family members and other concerned persons on the nature of substance addiction, the process of recovery and how they can contribute to their loved one’s success. During our family program, we remind families of “The 3 C’s” of their family member’s addiction:

  • I didn’t CAUSE it.
  • I can’t CONTROL it.
  • I can’t CURE it.

Often, family members experience the same hope as their loved ones in treatment. Relationships are strengthened and a foundation for health is created when recovery is a family experience.

Family Support

Participation in Families Anonymous and/or Al-Anon programs for family and friends of addicts is strongly encouraged. When more intensive care is appropriate, our counselors can also assist in arranging referrals to experienced professionals outside of Nova.

Success Stories

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