Outpatient Addiction Counseling

Addiction Recovery Support

One of the most important parts of the addiction recovery process is maintaining a connection with a support system. Nova’s outpatient aftercare counseling reinforces the skills learned during treatment and helps ensure that the healing process is maintained once the client transitions to the next step in their recovery journey.

Clients return to Nova one or two evenings a week for aftercare group addiction counseling sessions.

Nova’s aftercare program supports a lifetime of addiction recovery and sober living:

  • Learn how to avoid contact with drug and alcohol addiction “triggers”.
  • Stay connected with your sober living sponsor, supportive peers and various addiction groups outside of Nova to include Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous.
  • Refine the skills needed to deal with substance abuse
  • Develop a customized plan that may include family counseling and other resource referrals.
We want to help make the transition back into life beyond treatment as safe and sure as possible.

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