Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Here you can find a list of frequently asked questions regarding NOVA Counseling Service’s alcohol and drug addiction treatment process. If you have a question that is unanswered in this overview, please contact Nova Counseling Services today.

What does Nova treat?

Nova treats alcohol and drug addiction. Some of our clients have never had their addiction previously treated; some have been here before, while others have gone through other treatment programs prior to admission to Nova Counseling Services.

Nova is not a dual-diagnosis treatment facility. This means that we only treat clients whose addiction is the primary diagnosis. We do not treat addicts who have been primarily diagnosed with equally impacting mental health issues, such as schizophrenia. However, we do accept clients with depression-related issues and some other mental health conditions on an individual basis, as determined by their screening evaluation.

What services does Nova provide?

Nova has a continuum of care for treatment of chemical dependency. We begin by offering a residential program. From there, residents may follow up with a transitional living (halfway house) arrangement for an additional 90 days. We also offer complementary outpatient services including aftercare.

Success Stories

What is your outcome?

Six months after leaving Nova, 57 percent of our patients remain clean and/or sober.

What is the Nova treatment philosophy?

Nova staff and programs use the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous as their foundation, but focus primarily on the first step. We believe the 12-step Process is the surest way to help addicts recover. This step works in conjunction with education about the illness and caring feedback are the cornerstones for change.

Who makes up the Nova staff?

A multidisciplinary staff under medical supervision leads the Nova Counseling Services team. While most are Master’s-level counselors, all of our staff are certified drug and alcohol counselors—many of whom also are living a sober life after experiencing the disease first-hand.

How many people can Nova serve at one time?

Our Oshkosh, Wisconsin, facility has 50 residential beds and serves both men and women.

How do people pay for Nova counseling services?

Insurance benefits may be paid to Nova by any commercial group health plan written in the State of Wisconsin. We also provide for a variety of managed care entities. Clients who self-pay are charged at a flat rate for our services of $200 per day. Clients and families are advised to check with their insurance providers to see to what extent (if, at all) Nova’s services are covered. We can help if there are insurance questions or you can have your insurance verified here.

What is the Nova admission process?

Admission to Nova can come in the form of a referral from a healthcare professional, a family or friend, an order by the court or by simply recognizing that help is needed. No matter how someone comes to us, the process is the same: Clients must arrive sober. Some addicts may require detox before being admitted, and drug addicts must cease using. Clients are only allowed to be taking certain approved prescription medication to be admitted to the program.

Medical help may be required for detox or getting clean. Nova can provide referrals to assist in working with healthcare professionals in order to detoxify or to wean addicts off medication, as well as recommendations for medical facilities to assist in detox.