Terra Halfway House

Halfway House / Sober Living

For clients who need continued care beyond our residential program, Nova Counseling Services offers the 90-day Terra House program.

Terra House is a licensed halfway house program for alcohol and drug addicted adults who have successfully completed a primary inpatient addiction treatment.

Terra House offers a caring place for 10 to 12 individuals to participate in a four-stage addiction treatment program in order to advance their recovery and prepare for the return to family, career and community.

Throughout their time at Terra, clients are given sober living support from a multi-disciplinary team of experienced professionals.

Terra offers a helping hand to addicts on their road to recovery from chemical dependency, designed to gradually reinforce a healthy self-concept. We provide the tools and skills training needed to develop constructive relationships with others.

Following Terra, drug and alcohol addicts are encouraged to participate in other elements of Nova Aftercare and to continue their participation within Alcoholics and/or Narcotics Anonymous.

Success Stories

Terra Stage 1

  • New residents develop a personal plan for continuing recovery.
  • Residents are encouraged to attend three to four 12-Step meetings weekly.


Terra Stage 2

  • Residents implement a personal plan for recovery.
  • Counseling focuses on personal growth, employment or other gainful activity, social relationships, and spiritual needs.
  • Work begins on Step 4 of the AA/NA program.
  • Regular meetings with a counselor continue.

Terra Stage 3

  • Employment, school or volunteer work continues.
  • Client begins to act as a role model for newer Terra residents as commitment to recovery deepens.
  • Overnight passes can be earned.

Terra Stage 4

  • Residents exhibit a full commitment to recovery.
  • Step 5 of the 12 Steps is completed and an AA or NA sponsor relationship is established.
  • A discharge plan is completed.
  • Weekend passes can be earned.

Terra graduates are encouraged to participate in aftercare treatment, maintain contact with the program for support and mentor current residents.

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