Client Rights

Condensed List of Client’s Rights

  1. The right to be informed of client’s Bill of Rights.
  2. The right to confidentiality of conversations and medical reports.
  3. The right to receive wages for work performed which involves the operation and maintenance of the facility, except for matters of personal care.
  4. The right to petition a court according to law.
  5. The right to maintain the rights of citizens (i.e. voting, etc.).
  6. The right to receive prompt and adequate addiction treatment.
  7. The right to receive medication and addiction treatment on a voluntary basis prior to court hearing or commitment.
  8. The right to the least restrictive addiction treatment conditions necessary.
  9. The right to have an informal hearing (except in emergencies) prior to being transferred to a more restrictive ward, unit or facility.
  10. The right to be free from unnecessary or excessive medication.
  11. The right to be free from physical restraint and involuntary isolation.
  12. The right not to receive psychosurgery, electro convulsive treatment, aversive conditioning, etc.
  13. The right not to participate in experimental research.
  14. The right to religious worship.
  15. The right to a humane psychological and physical environment.
  16. The right to use a telephone. This right is limited during the first seven days of addiction treatment. (See below.)
  17. The right to select, use and wear own clothes, etc.
  18. The right to have individual storage space for private use.
  19. The right to privacy in dressing, toileting and bathing.
  20. The right to receive visitors. This right is limited until the second Saturday of addiction treatment. (See below.)
  21. The right to send and receive sealed mail.

The purpose of the limitations in #16 and #20 above is to aid you in detaching from outside concerns and applying yourself to the addiction treatment process. You have the right, upon request, to an informal hearing conducted by the program director regarding any denial or limitations of rights.

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