Admissions Process

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Treatment Admissions

At Nova Counseling Services our caring team of experienced professionals provides alcohol and drug addiction treatment for adult men and women, age 18 years and older. People come to Nova from a variety of referral sources: the family doctor, a detox center, an outpatient counselor, a past client, a family member or a friend.

Pre-admission Process

Screening to determine appropriateness for addiction treatment at Nova can be done at the initial phone contact by gathering information regarding:

  • Past treatment(s)
  • Risk factors
  • General health information
  • Substance abuse history
  • Legal History
  • Mental Health Status

Nova Counseling’s Promise

Delivering high quality care at an affordable cost is the basis of our services at Nova.

We offer a continuum of treatment for addiction, including a residential program, transitional living (halfway house)  an intensive outpatient program and complementary outpatient services, including aftercare.

  • Nova is not a dual-diagnosis treatment facility.
  • Nova treats clients whose substance addiction is the primary diagnosis.

Success Stories

Admission Exams, Detox & Medications

All individuals must be examined by a physician prior to admission or, if need be, at the time of admission to determine general fitness for treatment, to determine freedom from communicable diseases and to undergo a tuberculosis test. Nova can transport new clients to a local hospital or clinic to get this checkup and test. The cost of this exam and TB test is not included in our treatment rate.

Drug or Alcohol Detox

  • Detoxification may be necessary at a hospital or detox center prior to admission at Nova.
  • Detoxification is sometimes necessary to prevent serious medical complications, such as delirium tremors or seizures.
  • We will not accept individuals who are in need of detoxification services by a hospital or detox center.
  • The need for detoxification can be reviewed during the initial phone screening.
  • Our staff can suggest options for receiving this care prior to admission.

Prescription Medications

  • Antidepressants are considered an acceptable medication.
  • Other medications – such as pain pills, muscle relaxants, antihistamines or other medications with a potential for abuse – must be reviewed at the time of screening and may not be allowed.
  • A doctor must be involved in every circumstance when a change of medication is required.
Nova is an abstinence-based program.

Methadone or suboxone are not allowed.

Addiction Relief

  • Admission to an addiction rehabilitation facility like Nova can be stressful.
  • It may be the only way to find freedom from the hold of alcohol and drug addiction.
  • At Nova, we try to help all clients feel welcome throughout their time at our facility, from their initial admission to their new found freedom at discharge.

Greetings, Payment & Goodbyes

  • Nova’s hours of admittance to our residential program are 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.
  • Late admissions may be approved by the Clinical Director.
  • Clients should be transported to Nova by family or friends. We ask that clients do not drive themselves to Nova.
  • Upon arrival, clients are greeted by staff.
  • A private meeting is then held with the new client to answer any questions, identify any withdrawal symptoms and further prepare them for their experience at Nova.
  • Payment information is reviewed and payment is collected, as appropriate.
  • Nova Counseling will provide necessary information to the client’s family members/friends, including how to contact their loved one during their treatment stay, as well as the visiting hours.
  • Introduce the client and their family to the Family Support Program.

Once this information has been provided and questions have been answered, there is an opportunity to say goodbye.

Medical Screening & Exam

Within 48 hours, the client is transported to a local clinic or hospital for the general fitness exam and tuberculosis test (if these have not been taken care of prior to admission). Sometimes we discover at this point that detoxification services are needed at a hospital. These arrangements are worked out with the client and, when need be, the family.