Treatment and Recovery

Addiction Treatment Outcomes that Last

At Nova Counseling, we believe effective and lasting addiction treatment is marked by the essential element of compassion. Treating addiction is a complex and demanding addiction treatment process – one that cannot be undergone without support from caring staff dedicated to helping our clients succeed.

Treating and recovering from alcohol or drug addiction is a lifelong process. As alcohol and drug addiction are chronic diseases, continual support and treatment are necessary to stay abstinent, sober and clean over time. Nova is dedicated to helping its clients begin their journey to recovery using the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous®, supportive counselors and staff, a halfway house to continue the healing process, and many other treatment methods.

Successful addiction recovery requires exchanging an individual’s addictive behaviors for recovery behaviors. Nova strives to help our clients do just that, guiding them along their journey to abstinence from substance abuse.

Let Nova Counseling Services help you or a loved one regain elements of independence, rebuild relationships and put health back on-track.

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