Addiction Facts

Compassion for Drug and Alcohol Addicts

Alcohol and drug addiction is a disease of the brain; many who suffer from the disease experience personality fragmentation, health problems and estrangement from family and friends, among other symptoms. At Nova we practice compassion in treatment; we’ve found it’s the quality that people benefit from and sense most during the intensely emotional self-discovery process.

Are you an Addict?

It is something you did not cause, and that you cannot control. And, most importantly, although addiction to alcohol or drugs cannot be cured, it can be treated.

Chemical dependency can be hard to self-diagnose, as you may be convinced there’s nothing wrong. When your brain is “hijacked” by the disease, denial is common, and you may feel anger, a will to blame others or perform self-destructive behaviors when confronted with the possibility of facing your addiction.

At Nova, we want you to understand that there is hope.

Through compassion and proven addiction treatment methods, we can guide you to an abstinent life, free of substance dependence. We will help you recognize that alcoholism and drug addiction is a diseases that cannot be controlled by your will alone.

Treatment is a lifelong process that requires dedication, commitment and a willingness to participate.

Success Stories

Addiction affects adults of all ages, from all walks of life.

Whether you’re suffering from alcohol or another drug addiction, the addiction symptoms are similar and medical consequences equally as serious. From brain and heart problems, to liver and lung failure, to deteriorating relationships, to withdrawing from social situations or favorite activities, chemical dependency affects every facet of your life.

Are You a Family Member or Friend of an Addict?

As a family member or friend of someone suffering from addiction, it is difficult to understand the disease of alcohol and drug addiction, its causes and how it can affect one’s life.

You may often ask yourself such questions as:

  • How can anything be more powerful than the love for a spouse or children, than dedication to a career, than the simple love of life?
  • What could cause such good people to act so irresponsibly?

Although the signs of addiction are obvious to you, your family member or friend may be convinced that there’s nothing wrong in spite of overwhelming evidence to the contrary.

In the face of this progressive disease, your loved one develops intractable denial, which may be supported by anger, blaming others and self-destructive behaviors.

At Nova Counseling, we want you to understand the facts about addiction, its symptoms, treatment procedures, and how you can help.

Get Help for Your Loved One

To get help for your loved one today, please contact Nova Counseling today. Together, we can help your family member or friend find the road to recovery and sobriety.