About Nova Counseling Services

Nova Counseling Services is a State of Wisconsin-licensed provider of medically monitored treatment for people suffering from alcoholism and other drug addictions. We exist to provide the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost to chemically dependent persons and their families.

Treatment at Nova is for individuals who have lost control of their lives and need a safe, structured environment in which to learn about their addiction. At Nova, we provide therapy to change the behaviors that accompany chemical dependency. Our compassionate, dedicated staff includes counselors who have personally suffered from addiction.

Nova provides addiction treatment in a variety of ways, including residential treatmenta 90-day halfway house (Terra Program) and other elements of aftercare. Our Terra Program is licensed as a residential transitional program.

For almost three decades, Nova has been grounded in the 12 Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous® philosophy and believes it is the surest way to recover from the disease of addiction. Education about the illness, knowledge of the 12 Steps, and caring feedback are the cornerstones for change.

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